Friday, March 6, 2015

Fishing Report

Monday March 2, 2015
Monday mornings half day of inshore fishing was a good one.  Fishing was slow for the first hour or so until the fog burnt off.  Around 10am, the sun came out to play and so did the fish.  We started out with a great trout bite.  Most were small, but all were fun to catch.  After spending an hour of constant action on smaller trout we decided to try our luck with a dinner sized Snook.  No luck, those big frozen logs still need some time to thaw, so we moved on.  We hopped around a few times catching a random fish or two at each spot until we found a nice school of Redfish.  We managed to catch a half dozen of almost legal Redfish before it was time to head back to the dock. 
The weather is warming, Spring is here,  Fishing should continue to get better as the water temp warms.  I predict that next week the BITE is going to erupt in the backcountry.  That sort of bite we all dream about.......