Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Fishing Report

This afternoon will bring rain and light winds. More Rain tomorrow morning followed by the wind shifting to the Northwest and increasing to 15-25mph after lunchtime.  Fishing should remain steady until the wind clocks to the NW.

A fun and usually successful fishing adventure on a rainy day is to bass fish your local ponds.  If you can get out in-between rainstorms or man up and take a drizzle or 10, bass fishing can be very productive this time of year especially when a mild cold front is about to pass through.  The dip in pressure before the front passes can be exciting fishing with ferocious strikes.  Look for moving water, particularly where small water meets bigger water. (example: where a ditch meets a pond)  Larger Largemouth Bass will be found in the shallows and the drop-offs from those shallows.  Largemouth Bass are in spawn mode.  This means they will be looking for a quick meal that takes minimal effort.  A flowing ditch into a pond is bringing exactly that....

Good Luck and "Fish On"